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Awssssssooooommmm foooooddddd. Everything. Best brunch on the beach, that is for sureeeeee

Review for Sunday Brunch: I love this place! I’ve come twice already and both times have been really great. I’ve only came for their Sunday brunch buffet. It is definitely worth coming for. You can get outside seating which is really nice. The service has always been very accommodating, friendly and professional. They have bottomless mimosas for $3 extra with brunch so love that! The food is delicious, worth its price. I definitely recommend this place!

The upstairs bar has a fantastic view of the inlet. Watching the boats go by was a delight. The Bloody Mary was spicy as requested and the drink prices reasonable by our standards. The buffet smelled amazing but being it was Mother’s Day we opted not to partake. With such a unique view and plenty of glass line, we’d return to give their menu a try. I really enjoyed our visit to this spot.

Great place to appreciate the beauty of Balboa! Great food and good wine list. Cocktails were a bit weak so we decided to do beer and wine our second visit. All of our food was fresh and delicious. Very attentive staff. Highly recommend Newport Landing!

So whenever I’m visiting my bro, I come here. In the past, I’ve had some calamari steaks that I wasn’t keen on but the drinks and atmosphere are always outstanding. However, since my last visit, there is a new chef and this time around my calamari was spot on. It was fresh, tender (not chewy) and very good. I also had the grilled mahi mahi taco and it was outstanding. Last time I was here the calamari was thicker and kinda greasy. I’ve also been here for their seafood brunch on the weekend. If you are looking for an amazing seafood brunch, this is the place.

I’m like Jyenny B. Lazy afternoons on the outside deck upstairs. That and the fact that this is my favorite place for calamari. Thick strips, none of that tentacle stuff all curled up and squiggly like you got the bottom of the bag of chips. Compared to the stuff that is served elsewhere, you wish they would take notes, come to this place and serve it up the way it should be in a nice fat filet.

Relaxing place for cocktails. Great view. Props to you people who can have this every day, it’s a view and vibe that I do love. Since I’ve only been there in the middle of the day having cocktails while on vacation, service has always been good. Brunch kicks is also excellent but based on the price, you would expect it to be so. I’m feeling the need for a little afternoon lazy.

We came here after a whale watching tour and walking around the island for a bit – and were so happy to stumble into Happy Hour (daily from 3-7). Our original plan was to order a couple of snacks and drinks and then have dinner later on, but everything was so good, we ordered enough that we were stuffed afterwards. (Oh well, vacation calories!) There is a patio on the boardwalk – happy hour does not apply there. Only upstairs in the lounge. The upstairs has an outside part and an inside part for those who need a reprieve from the sun. Service was super friendly even though they were busy and very attentive.

The menu is split into $4, $6 and $8 plus there’s a regular menu and a daily menu. We ordered a bunch of tacos, oysters, ceviche, coconut shrimp and from the daily menu, corn & shrimp fritters. Everything was so damn good. Three kinds of fish tacos, all done 3 different ways – deep fried baja, blackened salmon and grilled mahi. The mahi was my favourite, but honestly, it was all amazing. We didn’t order anything that we didn’t love. Highly recommended!!

An unexpected delight visiting this restaurant today. I brought my family from out of state and was impressed. A fabulous waitress Jordan was able to keep our water glasses full, suggest dishes I asked questions about with detail and knowledge. She offered a response on taste and helped us select wonderful meals. The roast beef slider was on point and the secret was the An Jous absolutely fabulous hats off to the chef. Stephanie bartended an excellent in house creation Strawberry Mojito which Jordan suggested and I was super happy, followed by another suggestion of Mango Margarita I found a new happening happy hour spot. I plan to return and won’t hesitate bringing in some business associates for our lunches. Excellent food. My husbands Ahi Pike was Amazing Ahi Poke!!! And let’s not forget the truffle fries, very good and not over drenched in garlic a nice balance with the Parmesan. A+

Five stars because the food was delicious, the service was great, the view was incredible, and the prices were decent. They have indoor seating, and two outdoor seatings, one right by the harbor and the other on a balcony with a gorgeous view, which is where we sat. They have a big variety of drinks and meals, I have the entire menu posted for those who want to take a look.

We ordered: New England clam chowder soup: to die for! ($5 for cup, $8 for bowl). The bowl is HUGE. Baja fish tacos with fries: Fried Pacific cod, cabbage, pico de gallo, spicy cream sauce, guacamole, flour tortillas. ($16 for two tacos and side of fries). Mahi fish tacos with fries: grilled mahi, cabbage, spicy cream sauce, tropical fruit salsa, corn tortilla. ($17 for two tacos and side of fries).

Fish and chips: filet of pacific cod with tartar sauce. ($17 for 3 pieces of fried fish, side of fries, and salad along with the tartar sauce). Every single thing was beyond delicious but my favorites were the New England clam chowder and Baja fish tacos, just wow! Make sure to go to their pictures and check out what I posted, mmm!